(2331) Parvulesco

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1936 EA. Discovered 1936 Mar. 12 by E. Delporte at Uccle.

Named in memory of the Roumanian professor Constantin Parvulesco (1890–1945), who worked with the discoverer at the Uccle Observatory in the early 1930s. The planet also honors his daughter, Carina Parvulesco, who was born at Uccle, and who, as a professor of astronomy at San Mateo College, California, has made contributions in stellar and galactic dynamics; she has more recently served as vice-president of two corporations and as president of the U.N. Association of San Mateo County. The planet also honors her brother, Antares Parvulesco, mathematical physicist and acoustician, formerly at Columbia University, now at the University of Hawaii. (M 8799)

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