(2237) Melnikov

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1938 TB. Discovered 1938 Oct. 2 by G. N. Neujmin at Simeis.

Named in memory of Oleg Aleksandrovich Melnikov (1912–1982), on the staff of the Pulkovo Observatory since 1933 and a professor at Leningrad University since 1947. His scientific research was centered on the study of the Sun, stellar astronomy and interstellar matter by spectroscopic methods. He was also concerned with astronomical instruments and served as president of IAU Commission 9. (M 8912)

Obituaries published in Astron. Zh., Tom 59, p. 1036–1037 (1982); Astrofizika, Tom 18, Vyp. 3, p. 498–500 (1982); Zemlya Vselennaya, No. 1, p. 46–47 (1983).

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