(2157) Ashbrook

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A924 EF. Discovered 1924 Mar. 7 by K. Reinmuth at Heidelberg.

Named in honor of Joseph Ashbrook {1918–1980}, Editor of “Sky and Telescope”, co-discoverer of periodic comet Ashbrook-Jackson. His extensive professional background in astronomy, together with his encyclopedic knowledge of intriguing and obscure astronomical facts and fancies, have secured for “Sky and Telescope” a unique position as a vital source of information, not only for professional astronomers and historians of science, but also for amateur astronomers of all levels of expertise. (M 5284)

Name proposed by N. Sperling; endorsed by C. M. Bardwell and B. G. Marsden.

Obituaries published in J. Hist. Astron., Vol. 11, p. 201 (1980); Sky Telesc., Vol. 60, p. 281–284 (1980); J. Am. Assoc. Variable Star Obs., Vol. 9, p. 43–44 (1980); Strolling Astron., Vol. 28, p. 203 (1980).

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