(2137) Priscilla

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1936 QZ. Discovered 1936 Aug. 24 by K. Reinmuth at Heidelberg.

Named in memory of Priscilla Fairfield Bok (1896–1975). With her husband, Bart J. Bok, she participated in four decades of fruitful galactic research, first at the Harvard College Observatory, then at the Mt. Stromlo Observatory, Steward Observatory, with briefer tours elsewhere. She also enjoyed teaching astronomy courses successively at Smith College, Wellesley College and Connecticut College for Women. Together with her husband she prepared several editions of The Milky Way, a popular title in the Harvard Books on Astronomy. (M 7616)

Name proposed by F. Pilcher.

Priscilla F. and Bart J. Bok are also honored by minor planet  (1983).

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