(1896) Beer

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1971 UC1. Discovered 1971 Oct. 26 by L. Kohoutek at Bergedorf.

Named in honor of the astronomer Arthur Beer {1900–1980}, born in Bohemia in 1900, who worked at the Naval Observatory in Hamburg during 1929–1934, prior to moving to England. He was senior observer at the Cambridge Observatories from 1947 until his retirement in 1967. Although perhaps best known for his on-going series Vistas in Astronomy, he has worked extensively on spectroscopic binaries, on the nova DQ Herculis and on the spectrophotometry of O and B stars and galactic structure. (M 3827)

Name suggested by B. G. Marsden.

Obituaries published in Vistas Astron., Vol. 24, p. I–II (1980); Observatory, Vol. 101, p. 24 (1981).

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