(1107) Lictoria

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1929 FB. Discovered 1929 Mar. 30 by L. Volta at Pino Torinese. Independently discovered 1929 Mar. 17 by K. Reinmuth at Heidelberg.

The name is strictly connected with the symbol of the fascist party, which in Italian was called “Fasci Littori”, derived from the Latin “Fasces Lictores”. During the fascist regime it became common-place to apply that name to events or objects ranging from festivals (“littoriali”) to fast trains (“littorine”). When the Pontine Marshes were being reclaimed, the first two towns established there were Littoria and Sabaudia {see planet  (1115)}. It is noteworthy that after the demise of the fascist regime the town of Littoria was renamed “Latina”. (P. G. Comba)

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