Conjugated Organic Polymers for Optoelectronic Devices

  • Shahid Pervez Ansari
  • Farman AliEmail author
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Part of the Polymers and Polymeric Composites: A Reference Series book series (POPOC)


Organic Light-Emitting Devices (OLEDs) have received much attention in the past two decades. The possibility of cost effective production of large area devices is the main attraction for doing research in this area. There has been a considerable progress in the development of materials and the device engineering for improving the efficiency of OLEDs. These significant developments have resulted in their commercialization. In this chapter we describe OLEDs. We discuss their working principles and the measurements that are normally made in these devices. We also discuss the different types of conjugated polymers which are used for specific purposes in these devices.


Electroluminescence Conjugated polymers OLEDs PLEDs 


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