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Humanitarian Intervention

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The end of Cold War marked the beginning of new challenges in the form of ethnic conflicts, genocide, and massive killings by dictators. If before in two-polar world states exercised their powers, in twenty-first century in multipolar world, there are human-pressing problems which need to be resolved by common international approach. If before in black and white world it was about dictatorial rule, country vs another country wars, in twenty-first-century gray world, it is not clear who is bad and who is good, and now there are wars happening within a country involving non-state actors which complicates the solving of humanitarian problems of the new era (Palmer 2010).


In order to understand what is humanitarian intervention, we need to understand what is nonintervention. Before, humanitarian intervention was not allowed due to adherence to the rule of sovereignty and nonintervention into another state’s affairs. Nonintervention is a rule of practicing...


  • Humanitarian intervention
  • Nonintervention
  • Humanitarian assistance
  • Human rights violations

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