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Asian Monetary Fund (AMF)

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The Asian Monetary Fund (AMF) was a proposal made by Japanese financial authorities at the height of the Asian financial crisis of 1997. This proposal was made at the Group of Seven (G7)-International Monetary Fund (IMF) meetings held in Hong Kong in September of that year. The goal of the AMF was to overcome present and future economic crises in the region by securing a network meant for and funded by Asian countries. This entry will provide a brief overview of the circumstances and the considerations that contributed to the emergence, evolution, and failure of the idea, based on a few authoritative sources on the subject (Narine 2001; Amyx 2002; Liu 2002; Lipscy 2003; Masahiro 2015).

The Evolution of the AMF Idea

Initially, the creation of an IMF counterpart in Asia was first idealized when the Asian Development Bank (ADB) was established in 1966. Its premise was that the AMF would complement the activities of the ADB, similarly to the relationship of the IMF and the...


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