Processing of Infrared Transparent Magnesium Aluminate Spinel

An Overview
  • Papiya Biswas
  • Roy JohnsonEmail author
  • Yashwant Ramachandra Mahajan
  • Gadhe Padmanabham
Living reference work entry


Transparent magnesium aluminate (MgAl2O4) spinel is a material of special interest due to its optical properties coupled with excellent mechanical properties. MgAl2O4 being cubic crystallography if processed under optimum conditions, effect of thickness on transparency can be minimized allowing fabrication of complex geometries for harsh environment. Further, broadband transparency from 0.4 μm to 6.0 μm is an added advantage in most of the applications. Transparent windows for armor and high Mach number missile domes are a few of the emerging applications in the strategic sector. Spinel is also used as the high-energy laser windows, as high-temperature furnace monitoring windows, and also as a part for nuclear fusion reactor power core insulations. In view of the significant scientific and technological importance, spinel is regarded as one of the futuristic transparent polycrystalline ceramics. Though spinel offers flexibility in processing through powder metallurgy route, the mechanical and optical properties are a strong function of starting powder properties and also dictated by the processing route and parameters. This chapter presents an overview on transparent spinel processing along with the comparative evaluation of various processing techniques.


Transparent ceramics Magnesium aluminate spinel Slip casting Spark plasma sintering, Flash sintering 


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