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Housing Policies and Sustainable Development

  • Claudia TrilloEmail author
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Housing Policies can be defined as one or more interventions in the housing sector, aimed at pursuing goals within or outside the housing sector, usually (but not exclusively) performed by public governments.

Such a wide definition is needed when looking at housing policies from an international perspective. Infact, housing policies could be driven by a wide range of approaches encompassing different political justifications. Clapham (2010: 379) defined housing policies “as government action to achieve housing objectives. These objectives could include the improvement of the quality of the housing stock of dwellings or dealing with homelessness. Another definition of housing policy would be government intervention in the housing field. The difference is that some interventions in the housing field may be directed at objectives outside the field.” “Generally, a housing policy is composed of a number of programmes that address current housing issues, including homelessness,...

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