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Event Security

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For the purposes of this unit, event security can be defined as the plans, design, and implementation of measures required to create and maintain a safe environment for a planned event that includes attendance and participation of a private or public nature.


Physically securing events is not a new phenomenon; however, over the past 20 years (1998–2018), the globally accepted approach has evolved into a methodology where all hazards of a reasonable nature are factored into the security plan. This topic will be addressed in a manner that allows the reader to gain an understanding of the potential risks which could cause a disruption to an event, how securing an event should be accomplished, and the potential consequences event security managers much consider, such as postponing the event to experiencing a crisis where death and/or serious physical injury to those on site is likely to occur.

Types of Events

Events that warrant securing have historically fallen in...


Celebratory event security Commemorative event security Diplomatic event security Entertainment event security Festival event security Mass gathering event security Religious event security Special event security Sporting event security 
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