Optics for Spatially Tailored Ultrashort Pulse Laser Beam Micro-/Nanoprocessing

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Spatial beam shaping is very important to perform material laser processing with higher quality and higher throughput. The spatial beam shaping can be performed by passive and active optical components. The passive optical components including refractive optical elements such as ordinary lens, microlens array, cylindrical lens, axicon lens, diffractive optical elements, and apertures are described for specially designed shapes. The active optical components as typified by a liquid crystal spatial light modulator (LCSLM) is very useful to perform an arbitrary and variable spatial beam shaping, especially the beam shaping by a computer-generated hologram (CGH) displayed on an LCSLM is powerful and has been widely used in many applications such as two-photon polymerization, optical waveguide fabrication, fabrication of volume phase gratings in glass and polymer, and surface nanostructuring. In this chapter, the principle, features, useful techniques of the passive, and active beam-shaping optical components will be described, and some experimental results for the holographic laser processing implemented with the LCSLM will be demonstrated.


Ultrashort pulse laser Computer-generated holography Spatial light modulator Parallel laser processing Spatial beam shaping 


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