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Rab7a in Endocytosis and Signaling

  • Soumik BasuRayEmail author
  • Jacob O. Agola
  • Patricia A. Jim
  • Matthew N. Seaman
  • Angela Wandinger-NessEmail author
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Rab7 Historical Background and Function

Mammalian Rab7 was first identified in a rat liver cell line as BRL-Ras [X12535; NM_023950] and subsequently named Rab7 when it was recognized to be a member of an emerging, separate branch of Ras-related GTPases now well known as the Rab family of GTPases [NP_004628.4; P51149; P09527]. Rab7a is the most widely studied form and encoded on human chromosome 3q21.3 (mouse chromosome 6) as two splice variants differing in the 3′ untranslated region. The most intensively studied mammalian forms of Rab7a (mouse, canine, rat, and human) are 99.5% identical with only a single conservative change among the 207 amino acids (D/E 196). A more recently discovered homolog, Rab7b/Rab7L1, is encoded on human and mouse chromosome 1q32 and functions in late endosome to Golgi trafficking [Q96AH8; Q8VEA8]. Human Rab7b is only 47% identical and 82% homologous...
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