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Bradykinin Receptors

  • Vicência SalesEmail author
  • João Bosco Pesquero
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 B1BKR;  B1R;  B2BKR;  B2R;  BDKRB1;  BDKRB2;  BKB1R;  BKB2R;  BKR1;  BKR2;  Kinin B1;  Kinin B2

Historical Background

A primary mediator of inflammation, the nonapeptide bradykinin (BK) is a pharmacologically active peptide of the kinin group released in tissues and circulation as a consequence of coagulation cascade activation, more specifically by the kininogen cleavage by kallikrein. The enzyme kallikrein was described in 1930 by Werle and Frey. It was the first component of the kallikrein-kinin system (KKS) discovered, followed by the identification of bradykinin (BK) by Rocha e Silva and colleagues in 1949. In 1970s Regoli and coworkers characterized molecularly the two subtypes of kinin receptors B 1 and B 2, based in their pharmacological and expression profiles differences (Fig. 1). These findings enabled the subsequent development of different agonists and antagonists for these receptors (Leeb-Lundberg et al. 2005). The genes encoding these receptors were cloned in...
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