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Integrin Alpha11 (ITGA11)

  • Cédric ZeltzEmail author
  • Donald Gullberg
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Historical Background

Integrin α11 is the last member of the integrin family to be discovered. This integrin subunit was initially named αmt, since it was first identified in human fetal myotube cultures (Gullberg et al. 1995). In 1999, the β1-associated α11integrin was characterized as a collagen-binding integrin and human α11 cDNA was sequenced (Velling et al. 1999). Two years later, Tiger et al. described the α11β1 integrin as a collagen receptor involved in cell migration and collagen reorganization (Tiger et al. 2001). The generation of α11−/− integrin mice was a major advance in the efforts to elucidate α11 integrin function in health and disease (Popova et al. 2007a, b; Zeltz and Gullberg 2016).

Gene and Protein Structure of the α11 Integrin

The human α11 integrin gene (ITGA11) is localized on chromosome 15q23 and consists of 130 kb, whereas the mouse α11 integrin gene (Itga11; length of 106 kb) has been...

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