Pathology of the Pleura and Mediastinum

2018 Edition
| Editors: Timothy Craig Allen, Saul Suster

Bronchogenic Cyst, Mediastinal

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Bronchial cyst


Bronchogenic cyst is a developmental anomaly formed from the primitive foregut that gives rise to pharynx, lower respiratory tract, and upper gastrointestinal tract. It is formed as an abnormal budding of the tracheobronchial tree during embryogenesis. It moves with respiration. They are usually asymptomatic but can cause symptoms if compressing trachea, bronchi, or esophagus.

Clinical Features

  • Incidence

    Rare but the most common of all foregut cysts.

  • Age

    Any age. Usually found in young adults.

  • Sex

    Males and females are equally affected.

  • Site

    Anterior mediastinum. May also be found in other parts of mediastinum and in the lung parenchyma.

  • Treatment

    Surgery (for symptomatic cysts). Sometimes percutaneous needle aspiration is performed.

  • Outcome



Unilocular or sometimes multilocular cyst with smooth inner and outer surface; wall of the cyst can vary in thickness. Often filled with mucus.


A cyst is lined by pseudostratified...
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