Encyclopedia of Big Data Technologies

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Cloud-based SQL Solutions for Big Data

  • Marcin Zukowski
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DOI: https://doi.org/10.1007/978-3-319-63962-8_318-1


Cloud computing is one of the most important trends in the current software industry. Cloud possesses unique technical and business characteristics, enabling new approaches to software design and new usage models. In this chapter we present the key characteristics of the cloud systems, and discuss opportunities and challenges traditional database systems face when deployed on this new platform. Using a set of existing systems, we demonstrate various approaches to building cloud-based SQL Big Data solutions.


Cloud computing is possibly the largest shift in computing since the client-server model became popular. In recent years, we see companies of all sizes embrace it, often for very different reasons. Architecturally, it introduces a lot of previously unavailable features, that provide amazing opportunities to system and application developers. At the same time, careful (re)design of software is needed to take full advantage of them.

The term “Cloud” tends to be used in...
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