Encyclopedia of Big Data Technologies

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| Editors: Sherif Sakr, Albert Zomaya


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Spatial big data is a spatio-temporal data that is too large or requires data-intensive computation that is too demanding for traditional computing architectures. Stream processing in this context is the processing of spatio-temporal data in motion. The data is observational; it is produced by sensors – moving or otherwise. Computations on the data are made as the data is produced or received. A distributed processing cluster is a networked collection of computers that communicate and process data in a coordinated manner. Computers in the cluster are coordinated to solve a common problem. A lambda architecture is a scalable, fault-tolerant data-processing architecture that is designed to handle large quantities of data by exploiting both stream and batch processing methods. Data partitioninginvolves physically dividing a dataset into separate data stores on a distributed processing cluster. This...

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