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Rita Indiana Hernández, La estrategia de Chochueca

  • Alma García Rodríguez
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In 1496, Santo Domingo became the first city founded during the European colonization of the Americas. However, instead of a history of rich debate, the city discourse retains an almost indestructible Hispanic-centric ideology. Furthermore, and unlike many cities in Latin America, Santo Domingo had a slower process of industrial development. Its most drastic transformation occurred almost halfway through the twentieth century, during two essential periods: The Trujillo Dictatorship (1930–1961) and the Joaquín Balaguer Regime (1966–1978 and 1986–1996).

Months after Rafael Trujillo takes over, Santo Domingo suffered a great devastation caused by hurricane San Zenón in 1930. Trujillo’s government reconstructed the city by developing new plazas, museums, streets, and buildings, including the first bank in the Dominican Republic. Trujillo was considered to be the only one who was able to transform the country, by leaving its barbarian state and becoming a true civilization. The city was...

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