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Liu Cixin (刘慈欣)

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Liu Cixin (born 1963) is arguably the most successful science fiction writer in contemporary China. Born in Beijing, Liu grew up in Yangquan, a coal-mining town of Shanxi Province at its east border to Hebei Province, where his parents worked in a mine. Graduated from North China University of Water Conservancy and Electric Power, Liu was a computer engineer working at Niangziguan Power Station where he started to publish science fiction in Chinese periodical Science Fiction World (科幻世界) in the 1990s. He only left his engineering position in 2014, after years of writing and publication in science fiction including his most famous trilogy Remembrance of Earth’s Past (aka: The Three-Body Problem, 地球往事). Translated into at least 24 different languages by late 2020, its first and final books won the Best Novel Hugo Award in 2015 and 2017, respectively, perhaps the top honour for science fiction literature. Two of his shorter works—a novella and a short story—were adapted into films in 2019, yet the most expected film adaptation of The Three-Body Problem (三体), the first book of Remembrance of Earth’s Past trilogy has not had a confirmed date of release despite its shooting being concluded in 2015. Liu’s works are praised by both astronomic scientists and literature critics for its perfect combination of scientific theories and wild imaginations of the destiny of human, the planet Earth and the universe. His works include many urban elite characters and attracted many urban followers across the world.


  • Hard science fiction
  • Contemporary Chinese writer
  • Extraterrestrial
  • Three-body problem
  • Urban elites
  • Urban readers
  • Cities in space
  • Futuristic cities

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Selected Works by Liu Cixin’s Published in English to Date

  • (2014) The Three-Body Problem (地球往事三部曲之三体, 2006/2008). Trans. Ken Liu. New York: Tor Books.

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  • (2015) The Dark Forest (三体II:黑暗森林, 2008). Trans. Joel Martinsen. New York: Tor Books.

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  • (2016) Death’s End (三体III:死神永生, 2010). Trans. Ken Liu. New York: Tor Books.

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  • (2016) The Weight of Memories (人生). Trans. Ken Liu. New York: Tor Books. (First published in English as eBook)

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  • (2017) The Wandering Earth: Classic Science Fiction Collection. Trans. Ken Liu et al. London: Head of Zeus.

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  •  Ten novellas and short stories including “The Wandering Earth” (流浪地球, 2000); “Mountain” (山, 2006); “Sun of China” (中国太阳, 2002); “For the Benefit of Mankind” (赡养人类, 2005); “Curse 5.0” (太原之恋, 2009); “The Micro-Era” (微纪元, 2000); “Devourer” (吞食者, 2002); “Taking Care of God” (赡养上帝, 2004); “With Her Eyes” (带上她的眼睛, 1999); “Cannonball” (地球大炮, 2003).

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  • (2018) Ball Lightning (球状闪电, 2004). Trans. Joel Martinsen. New York: Tor Books.

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  • (2019) Supernova Era (超新星纪元, 2003). Trans. Joel Martinsen. New York: Tor Books.

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  • (2019) “Chapter 8 from China 2185” (中国2185, 1989). Trans. Jessica Imbach.

  • (2019) “Prologue from China 2185” (中国2185, 1989). Trans. Jessica Imbach.

  • (2020) Of Ants and Dinosaurs (当恐龙遇上蚂蚁, 2004). Trans. Elizabeth Hanlon. London: Head of Zeus.

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  • (2020) To Hold Up the Sky. Trans. Adam Lanphier et al. New York: Tor Books.

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  •  Eleven short stories including “The Village Teacher” (乡村教师, 2001); “The Time Migration” (时间移民, 2014); 2018-04-01 (2018, 2014); “Fire in the Earth” (地火, 2000); “Contraction” (宇宙坍缩, 1999); “Mirror” (镜子, 2004); “Ode to Joy” (欢乐颂, 2005); “Full-Spectrum Barrage Jamming” (全频带阻塞干扰, 2001); “Sea of Dreams” (梦之海, 2002); “Cloud of Poems” (诗云, 2002); “The Thinker” (思想者, 2003).

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