Jesus, the Kingdom of God, and the Workplace

  • J. Lyle Story
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The evangelists of the New Testament tell us a story of Jesus who makes profound impressions on people and how he relates to them in unique ways. In his relational approach to people, Jesus orients people to the Kingdom of God, which embraces the meaning of life in all dimensions of human existence and certainly includes one’s vocation and workplace. He engages with people in their workplaces and unique spheres of influence and positions them to understand and experience the Kingdom of God, which means the dynamic and redemptive rule of God that has come in his person, words, and works, which also looks to a future consummation. God’s dream for humans is holistic in nature and embraces every sphere of human life, including vocation and the workplace; it is also to be infused with the person and work of the Holy Spirit. Jesus affirms the inestimable worth of each person that centers on the dual-love commandment, upon which everything else depends. This includes love for demanding bosses, gossipers, dishonest workers, and impatient customers and flies in the face of the all too common thrust upon careerism that prioritizes recognition, power, and position, without thought of others. Work is a joyous opportunity, worship, and not a curse and embraces trust, humility, forgiveness, reconciliation, compassion, balance, and a responsible work ethic. These virtues are expressed through the numerous stories that Jesus tells, which are drawn from vocational life and human relationships.


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