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Family Needs Questionnaire

  • Paige Seegan
  • Jason Van Allen
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The Family Needs Questionnaire (FNQ; Kreutzer et al. 1994) is a 40-item self-report measure intended to assess the needs of family members who care for brain injury survivors in the acute and postacute phases. Six scales are included in the FNQ: Health Information, Emotional Support, Instrumental Support, Professional Support, Community Support Network, and Involvement in Care. Respondents rate the perceived importance of each need on a Likert-type scale ranging from 1 (not important) to 4 (very important), and then rate the extent to which each need is met (yes, partially, no). Example items from the FNQ: “To be assured that the best possible medical care is being given to the patient” (Health Information), and “To have help from other members of the family in taking care of the patient” (Instrumental Support). The FNQ includes a perceived importance score, which is calculated by summing the items rated as 3 (important) or 4 (very important). The second score...

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