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Sickness Impact Profile

  • Tamara Bushnik
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The Sickness Impact Profile (SIP) was designed to measure perceived health status and to be used as an outcome measure for evaluation, program planning, and policy formation related to health care (Bergner et al. 1976; 1981). It was intended to be sensitive to changes and/or differences in health status and to be applicable across a broad range of types and severities of illness, as well as different demographic and cultural groups. The final form of the original SIP, published in 1981, contains 136 items concerning 12 areas of activity: sleep and rest, eating, work, home management, recreation and pastimes, ambulation, mobility, body care and movement, social interaction, alertness behavior, emotional behavior, and communication. In 1994, a shorter version of the SIP, the SIP-68, was created and evaluated; this version contained 68 items in six areas of activity: somatic autonomy, mobility control, psychological autonomy and communication, social...

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