Encyclopedia of Wildfires and Wildland-Urban Interface (WUI) Fires

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| Editors: Samuel L. Manzello

Urban and Land Use Planning

  • William Siembieda
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Urban planning is the process of making informed choices about the future of places where people live and work.

Land use planning is the practice of determining the way land is used (e.g., for working, living, farming, recreation, etc.) and at what intensity in a given area.

Urban planningis a process. The process involves making informed choices about the future of settlements and communities where people live and work. Decisions about the future include where to locate new physical expansion (usually called growth), including schools, housing, and transport, and where, when, and how to protect valued natural resources such as water, forests, and air. These choices are linked. Decisions about where to locate transportation systems (roads, bus, rail, bicycle) do influence the placement of housing, commerce, industry, and parks. These interlinked decisions must also anticipate the future and establish strategies for people to thrive, as...

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