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Rock Art, Lovo


For decades, the notions of rock art and prehistoric art have been immediately associated with the famous paintings in the caves of Altamira, Lascaux, and now Chauvet. However, all over Africa, rock paintings and engravings abound. The oldest of these naturalistic rock images are dated to about 30,000 years ago in Namibia, while the ornamentation of rock shelters is still alive today in many places.

Unlike the richly documented rock art of the Sahara or southern Africa, that of sub-Saharan Africa often remains poorly known, or understudied, despite having been reported as early as the sixteenth century – and well before the first discoveries of prehistoric art in Europe (Heimlich 2017). However, a few notable exceptions remain, with the hundreds of circular petroglyphs of Bidzar in Cameroon, the schematic engravings of the Ogooué Valley in Gabon, the representations of throwing knives from the Central African Republic, or the rock images of the Lovo Massif in the...

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