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| Editors: Charles W. Finkl, Christopher Makowski

Asia, Eastern, Coastal Geomorphology

  • D. Eisma
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The shores of eastern Asia, extending from Thailand and Indonesia to eastern Siberia and including the Philippines, Taiwan, and Japan, largely follow the tectonically active zones along the eastern and northern sides of the Eurasian plate (Inman and Nordstrom 1971). Large stretches of coastal area along Indonesia, the Philippines, Taiwan, Sakhalin, Kamchatka, and the East Asian island chains are therefore tectonically unstable. In these areas the structural trends are generally parallel to the coast, which was distinguished by Suess (1892) as the Pacific type. Outside these areas, away from the tectonically active collision zones, the coastal regions are generally more stable and the structural trends are usually not parallel to the coast, which corresponds to Suess’ Atlantic type. This type is present along most of the Asian mainland from Thailand to Siberia.

Comparatively straight coasts, situated along mountain chains, sometimes with river deltas and local alluvial foreland, are...

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