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2018 Edition
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Critical Points

  • William H. CaseyEmail author
  • Peter A. Rock
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The point in phase space where the distinction between liquid and vapor disappears.


If you heat water in a closed volume, the temperature and pressure are initially fixed by equilibrium between a liquid and vapor. Beyond a certain temperature and pressure, however, the meniscus that separates the two phases disappears, and they become indistinguishable. If one draws a curve in P-V space that identifies the region where both a liquid and vapor coexist, the critical point lies at the maximum where the slope is zero:
$$ {\left(\frac{\partial P}{\partial V}\right)}_{T={T}_c}=0 \mathrm{and} {\left(\frac{\partial^2P}{\partial {V}^2}\right)}_{T={T}_c}=0 $$
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