Overlap Syndromes and Inflammatory Myopathies

  • Nages Nagaratnam
  • Kujan Nagaratnam
  • Gary Cheuk
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The overlap syndromes are characterised by a combination of major features of one or more rheumatic diseases, and mixed connective tissue disease (MCTD) is a special form of overlap syndrome. Inflammatory myopathies are idiopathic and acquired and are differentiated into several subsets, namely, dermatomyositis, the most common; polymyositis, least common; inclusion body myositis, most common above the age of 50; overlap myositis; cancer-associated myositis; and immune-mediated necrotizing myopathy.


Overlap syndromes Mixed connective tissue disease (MCTD) Inflammatory myopathies Dermatomyositis Polymyositis 


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