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Mobile Edge Caching in HetNets

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HetNet; Mobile edge caching


Mobile edge caching refers to distributing content files (e.g., videos, audios, photos, application programs, and so on) from service providers over the Internet to caches that are deployed at the edges (e.g., mobile devices and base stations) of mobile networks, aiming at bringing content closer to mobile users in the distance of the network topology to deal with the challenge of the explosive growth in content requests from users in mobile networks. HetNet is short for heterogeneous network and is a form of radio access networks (RANs) with complex interoperation between macro cells and small cells, which consists of different types of base stations (BSs) such as femto BSs, pico BSs, micro BSs, and macro BSs.

Mobile edge caching in HetNets is the combination between the technique of mobile edge caching and the network architecture of HetNets, aiming to achieve their joint benefits in enhancing network performances. Due to the high...


  • HetNet
  • Mobile Network Operators (MNOs)
  • Cache Topology
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  • Cellular Link

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