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Cellular Unlicensed Spectrum Technology

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Cellular unlicensed spectrum technology is a collective term that refers to cellular technologies exploiting the unlicensed band spectrum.

Historical Background

The first and foremost example was designed by the 3rd Generation Partnership Project (3GPP), which is Long-Term Evolution (LTE) License-Assisted Access (LAA) technology (Kwon et al. 2017). LAA received its name from the system’s design, in which it only allows the use of unlicensed carriers when it is operated together with a licensed carrier. LTE LAA has been developed in multiple phases: Rel-13 LAA Study Item (SI) phase, Rel-13 LAA Work Item (WI) phase, Rel-14 enhanced LAA (eLAA) WI phase, and Rel-15 further enhanced LAA (FeLAA) WI phase. FeLAA in Rel-15 is currently ongoing. Similar to 3GPP, MulteFire has been specifying the stand-alone unlicensed system, a system designed to operate on unlicensed carriers without the need of a licensed carrier ([Online]....

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