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Handoffs, Modeling in IP Networks

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A handoff in IP networks is the process by which a mobile node changes its point of attachment from one network to another network while maintaining IP communication sessions (Lee et al. 2013a). Without the IP handoff support for the mobile node, all ongoing IP communication sessions are disrupted by the change of point of attachment. To support a seamless handoff in IP networks, specially designed network entities and protocols are required, and those have been developed for IPv4 networks and IPv6 networks separately.

Historical Background

As the handoff of a mobile node in IP networks is related to network entities and protocols for the Internet, the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) are taking the lead to development of specifications for the seamless handoff. The IP handoff support for IPv4 called Mobile IPv4 (MIPv4) was first specified in RFC 3344 and obsoleted by RFC 5944. The IP handoff support for IPv6 called Mobile IPv6 (MIPv6) was first...

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