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Diversity Management in the Public Sector

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Diversity management – managing diversity; Employee work outcomes – employee performance; Productivity – efficiency; Service delivery – public service


Diversity management refers to the manner in which differences are managed among the workforce.

Public Sector Reforms involve changes that have been made to the public sector since the 1980s in order to improve performance.

Heterogeneous workforce is considered here as a workforce that has people with different backgrounds and attributes.


Diversity management (DM) has become one of the critical concerns of public sector reforms in recent times because of demographic and population shifts in society. The notion is that public organizations can achieve their organizational objectives like service delivery more effectively through DM (Ohemeng and McGrandle 2015). According to Klarsfeld, Booysen, Ng, Roper, and Tatli (2014), different countries demonstrate three key characteristics of DM at work:...

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