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Lebanese Bureaucracy

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Administrative apparatus; Public administration; Public offices; Public service


Lebanese organization of government; The Lebanese machinery of government; The executive branch of organizations of the Lebanese government.


Lebanon is a small Middle-Eastern country, located on the Mediterranean at a crossroads between the East and the West – a very strategic location that made the country exceptionally attractive to invaders and conquerors throughout its long history that dates back to over 6000 years. However, Lebanon, as we know it today, is a recently created entity, invented by the French in 1920 to replace what was previously known as “Mount Lebanon” under the Ottoman Empire (1516–1918). This entity was placed under the French Mandate for 23 years before it became an independent state in 1943.

The Post-independence Period witnessed the development of the country’s administrative and economic infrastructure and, hence, the institutionalization of its...


  • Civil Service Board (CSB)
  • Lebanese Society
  • Legislative Decree
  • Autonomous Public Agencies
  • Personnel Code

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