Accountability and Governance in Fiji

  • Usman W. ChohanEmail author
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“Accountability and Governance” in Fiji refers to the extant and historic architecture in Fiji for the fostering of institutions that promote accountable development, oversight, and governance; in terms of their current capacities and challenges, in the influence of historical experience on their abilities, and in the degree of coordination between these institutions.


In Fiji, the objective of fostering more effective governance and accountability has been met with the need to reconcile a series of dichotomies, including those of centralization versus regionalism, of indigenous demography versus multiracialism, of Commonwealth (colonial) structures versus autochthonous structures, of military versus civilian bureaucracies, and of immediate governance requirements versus long-term planning (see Appana 2003; Nath 2006; Rika et al. 2008;...

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