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Global Encyclopedia of Public Administration, Public Policy, and Governance

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Governance and Human Development

  • Maria Rosaria GarofaloAffiliated withUniversity of Salerno Email author 
  • , Flor Avila HernandezAffiliated withUniversidad Catolica de Colombia
  • , Silvia Marinella FontanaAffiliated withUniversity of Padua


SDG16; Strong Institutions; Sustainability


Governance and human development decodified as good governance and sustainable human development (SHD) (Anand and Sen 2000; Knack 2002) and their multiple interactions (Sundaram and Chowdhury 2013) are the core of the development thinking from the 1990s, although they belong to different disciplines (political philosophy, science of public administration, international law, development economics). The cross-fertilized literature emerged from a coevolution of theories and policies, shifting the focus from increasing GDP, employment, “growth from distribution,” “growth with distribution” toward the “people-value-place-based” development from which the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are framed. Section “Overview: Theories and Operational Approaches” discusses methodological questions on the interdisciplinary literature and policy implications; section “SDG16 on Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions,” according to the evo ...

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