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Global Encyclopedia of Public Administration, Public Policy, and Governance

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Organizations and Environment

  • Michael L. DoughertyAffiliated withDepartment of Sociology and Anthropology, Illinois State University Email author 
  • , T. W. DondanvilleAffiliated withDepartment of Sociology and Anthropology, Illinois State University


Bureaucracy; Climate change; Ecological modernization; Risk society; Sustainable development


Organizations – groupings of people in society that come together for specific purposes – have an impact on the natural environment and the natural environment, in turn, influences organizations.


Human society profoundly shapes the natural environment. We harvest natural resources, build elaborate urban settings, and deposit waste from economic processes back into nature. These processes produce deforestation, pollution, reduce biodiversity, and transform ecosystems. While it is common knowledge that human society influences nature, the converse is also true. The biophysical world shapes human society. Poverty and abundance, family and industry, are impacted by the landscape, stocks of natural resources, and weather. Human settlements follow the contours of watersheds. Economies are differently endowed with natural resource riches. At its core, the scholarship of org ...

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