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Policing in Implementing Social Policy

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Policing: Enforcing; Guarding; Inspection; Keeping public order; Law enforcement; Monitoring; Overseeing; Peace enforcement; Protection; Regulating; Supervising

Policy: Action; Administration; Approach; Guideline; Law; Method; Plan; Practice; Program; Protocol; Regulation; Scheme; Strategy; Theory


Policing refers to maintenance of public order by various government law enforcement agencies. These federal, state, and local agencies help to prevent and detect crime and enforce laws and regulations for the sake of public safety, health, morals, and protecting civil liberties.

A policy is a course of action and strategy adopted by a government, business, or individual in order to attain a certain goal. Social policy is a public or government policy, strategy, or program for dealing with human or societal issues. The government initiates social policies to address particular problems in the society. For instance, the War on Poverty was a social policy that addressed the...


  • Police Officer
  • Crime Control
  • Homeland Security
  • Police Agency
  • Transportation Security Administration

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