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Policy Network and Governance

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Network governance; Policy-governance nexus; Public policy governance


Policy Network can be defined as specific structural arrangements in policy making. Policy network analysis focuses on the links and interdependence between government and other societal actors, aiming to understand the policy-making process and public policy outcomes.


Recent decades have witnessed a proliferation of research analyzing and examining the changing trends of policy making process. Traditional approaches to policy-making emphasized on explaining the policy process as an intellectual, centralized, and hierarchical process, which is no longer considered adequate describing the policy process in modern times. In current complex societies where governments have to deal with greater expectations of citizens, accommodation of diverse interests, and fragmentation of social and political life, a more nonhierarchical, decentralized, and participatory approach to understanding the...


  • Policy Networks
  • Network Governance
  • Strategic Complexity
  • Specific Structural Arrangement
  • Public Policy Outcomes

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