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Pulse Granuloma

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Pulse granuloma is an unusual oral giant cell granulomatous lesion affecting either the jaws or the posterior mandibular ridge in particular. Initially, the lesion was described as “chronic periostitis” characterized by the presence of rings of eosinophilic structureless material (hyaline rings) with numerous multinucleated giant cells and areas of fibrosis, macrophages, plasma cells, and lymphocytes as in common granulomas. The origin of these hyaline rings has been controversial. Dunlap and Barker (1977) suggested that the structures were a result of degenerative changes in the wall of blood vessels, where others considered that the lesion was a result of the impression and incorporation of food particles, especially legumes or vegetable materials (pulse), within and through the mucous membrane and submucosal tissue and periosteum, resulting in a...

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