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Naevus, Oral Epithelial

  • Jacqueline E. van der WalEmail author
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An oral epithelial nevus is a symptomless white plaque of the ventral lingual mucosa and floor of mouth, sharply defined, irregularly butterfly shaped with a wrinkled surface. It used to be regarded as a harmless developmental anomaly. As such, it has been described just a few times in the literature, especially in the early 1950s. Pindborg reported in 1972 in a study on floor of the mouth leukoplakia that a similar white lesion as an oral epithelial nevus in the floor of the mouth was not as harmless as an oral epithelial nevus should be (Cardesa and Slootweg 2006; Cooke 1956).

Kramer et al. (1978) suggested it to be a form of leukoplakia with a high risk of malignant transformation and suggested to put it in a separate category and name it sublingual keratosis. Nowadays, it seems that the lesion has returned in the category of Leukoplakia, since no further reports have been found in the literature in recent years...

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