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A fibroma is the most common soft tissue exophytic lesion of the oral mucosa. It is a reactive lesion, caused by chronic trauma to the oral mucous membranes. The submucosal mass is a result of exuberant fibrous connective tissue repair.

Clinical Features


According to a study by Bouquot et al., (irritation) fibromas are found in 12.0/1,000 population.


No age predilection.


No gender predilection.


The lesion is typically found in easily traumatized areas, most prevalent on the buccal mucosa, lateral borders of the tongue, and lower lip. Larger fibromas may occur along the borders of (ill-fitting) dentures, on the palate, or gingival.


Local surgical excision.


Excellent, recurrences are extremely rare.


A fibroma appears as a localized, exophytic, and submucosal swelling, similar in color to the surrounding mucosa. The surface may appear...

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