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Tonsillitis, Acute

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Acute amygdalitis; Angina; Tonsillitis acuta (in Latin)


Acute tonsillitis is an acute inflammatory disorder of the tonsils, manifested usually by swollen tonsillar structures associated with the symptoms of sore throat. The synonymous name of acute tonsillitis, “angina” (from the Latin word “angere,” English “to choke”), reflects the common symptomatology.

Acute tonsillitis may involve any part of the Waldeyer’s ring separately – the pharyngeal tonsils (adenoids), palatine tonsils, tubal and/or lingual tonsil, or all the components of the ring. Because the tonsils form a constituent part of the oro- and nasopharynx, the acute tonsillitis commonly presents in association with pharyngitis. When the process involves not only some of the tonsils but the whole Waldeyer’s lymphatic ring, then usually the term “angina” is applied. The expression “acute tonsillitis” is usually used for the inflammation of the palatine tonsils. Etymologically, as amygdalon in ancient Greek...

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