High-Field Solid-State NMR with Dynamic Nuclear Polarization

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Microwave-induced dynamic nuclear polarization (DNP) can produce hyperpolarization of nuclear spins, leading to substantial signal enhancement in NMR. This chapter discusses the contemporary application of DNP for solid-state NMR spectroscopy at high magnetic fields. The main mechanisms and polarizing agents that enable this hyperpolarization are presented, along with more practical aspects such as the effect of decreasing sample temperature and analyzing the absolute sensitivity gain from these experiments. Examples of the exploitation of DNP for studies of biomolecules, biominerals, pharmaceuticals, self-assembled organic nanostructures, and mesoporous materials are given as is an outlook as to the future of this powerful technique.


Dynamic nuclear polarization Solid-state NMR Magnetic field Hyperpolarization Magic angle spinning Signal enhancement Polarizing agents Absolute sensitivity Microwave Biomolecules Materials 


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