High-Frequency Dynamic Nuclear Polarization NMR for Solids: Part 2 – Development and Applications

  • Michelle Ha
  • Vladimir K. Michaelis
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High-frequency dynamic nuclear polarization nuclear magnetic resonance (DNP NMR) spectroscopy is having a major impact on the far-reaching abilities of solid-state NMR. This high-sensitivity technique made possible by transferring high polarization from an unpaired electron source to an NMR-active nucleus is rewriting the capabilities of NMR spectroscopy within the chemical sciences. In Part I, we briefly introduced some of the instrumentation, hardware, and essentials to apply DNP NMR in solids. Below, we highlight some of the advances in DNP method development, as well as the major breakthroughs within the NMR community made possible by DNP NMR.


Dynamic nuclear polarization Nuclear magnetic resonance Magic angle spinning High polarization High field Microwave Gyrotron Radical Enhancement Mechanism High sensitivity Instrumentation Method development Biradical Biomolecular Materials science Small molecule 



VKM acknowledges the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council (NSERC) of Canada Discovery Grants program and the University of Alberta for funding. MH is partially supported by the Government of Alberta Queen Elizabeth II Graduate Scholarship.


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