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High-Frequency Dynamic Nuclear Polarization NMR for Solids: Part 1 – An Introduction

  • Michelle HaAffiliated withDepartment of Chemistry, University of Alberta
  • , Vladimir K. MichaelisAffiliated withDepartment of Chemistry, University of Alberta Email author 


Dynamic nuclear polarization (DNP) NMR spectroscopy, a high-polarization method, is rapidly changing the landscape of what is possible in solid-state nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy. To date, there have been over 200 publications discussing high-frequency DNP NMR of solids with more than half being released within the past few years. Below we provide for researchers that may be interested in this high-sensitivity technique an introduction to high-frequency DNP NMR spectroscopy, including instrumentation, mechanisms, polarizing agents, and sample preparation. While there are many applications utilizing high-frequency DNP NMR, Part II will deal with recent advances in method development and applications to biomolecular solids and materials science.


Dynamic nuclear polarization Nuclear magnetic resonance Magic angle spinning High polarization High field Microwave Gyrotron Glassing agent Radical Polarizing agent Mechanism Cryogens High sensitivity Instrumentation Cross effect Biradical Biomolecular Materials