Intra-articular Phalangeal Fractures

  • Helen Shi
  • Kevin J. Little
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A 12-year-old female suffered an intra-articular fracture of the phalangeal head. This fracture is often caused by shearing or torsional forces to the interphalangeal joint sustained during ball handling sports. This fracture may also be seen as a result of falls, crush injuries, or direct blows. These fractures may appear nondisplaced initially, but will frequently displace over time without surgical intervention, and close follow-up is necessary in patients treated nonsurgically. Surgical intervention for displaced condylar fractures typically involves either closed reduction and percutaneous pinning using Kirschner wires (K-wires), or open reduction and internal fixation using lag screws or K-wires. Early active motion after surgery should be established if possible to minimize stiffness and retain range of motion in the injured joint. Fracture healing occurred in 4 weeks, and she regained full motion at 6 weeks postoperatively with a home exercise program.

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