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Temporoparietal Junction

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Encyclopedia of Personality and Individual Differences


Tempoparietal junction; Tempo-parietal junction; Temporo-parietal junction; TPJ


The temporoparietal junction (TPJ) is a heteromodal association cortex located, in each hemisphere, at the intersection of the parietal and the temporal lobe. Its functions are mainly associated with attention and social cognition. Its anterior and posterior parts have distinct connectivity and functional profiles, suggesting that they deal with different high-level processes contributing to monitoring for salient stimuli and reasoning about oneself and others, respectively.


Due to its size and its bilaterality, the TPJ is attributed numerous functions. Whether these functions are underpinned by one overarching mechanism is highly debated given that there is evidence in favor of both functional overlap (Carter and Huettel 2013; Decety and Lamm 2007; Geng and Vossel 2013; Lamm et al. 2016) and functional division (Igelstrom et al. 2015; Kubit and Jack 2013). In light of this...

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