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Newcastle Personality Assessor (NPA)

  • Daniel NettleEmail author
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The Newcastle Personality Assessor (NPA) is a very brief (12-item), freely-available questionnaire for assessing the five-factor personality domains of openness, conscientiousness, extraversion, agreeableness, and neuroticism, using a five-point Likert response format. It was originally published in a book by Daniel Nettle (Nettle 2007).


The Newcastle Personality Assessor is one of a number of similar very brief assessment tools for the five-factor model of personality (Gosling et al. 2003; Rammstedt and John 2007). These have been shown to capture much of the variation at the broad trait-level captured by longer questionnaires, using only a couple of items per trait, thus vastly reducing demand on participants. It follows from standard psychometric principles that construction of a useful but very brief inventory ought to be possible. In longer questionnaires, all of the questions measuring a particular trait are required to produce responses that are well...

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