Encyclopedia of Personality and Individual Differences

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Sefcek, Jon A.

  • Jon Sefcek
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Early Life and Educational Background

Sefcek was born on July 9, 1974, in Lakewood, Ohio. Originally, he went to college at the University of Florida with the intent on working toward a degree in economics. However, after 2 years down this path, he realized his educational interests lied elsewhere and moved to Cincinnati, OH, to complete his B.A. in psychology and biology, which he completed in 1998. During this time, he worked at the Cincinnati Zoo at a variety of tasks ranging from raising penguins and other birds to working with walrus, bonobos, and other primates. Given these diverse experiences, he became interested in the emerging approach of evolutionary psychology; especially as it related to comparative research. He then went on to earn his M.A. and Ph.D. at the University of Arizona in 2002 and 2007 under the guidance of Drs James King, Aurelio Jose Figueredo, and W. Jake Jacobs.

Professional Career

While in graduate school, Sefcek worked as an adjunct instructor at The...

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